“You may break my dreams,you may break my leadership, but you will never break my spirit.”

Andrew Jiang 722

Mr. Belleh Physical Therapy lbelleh@schools.nyc.gov lbelleh@is5q.org
Ms. Coleman Small Group Instruction lcoleman@schools.nyc.gov lcoleman@is5q.org
Mr. Finnerty Resource Room mfinnerty@schools.nyc.gov mfinnerty@is5q.org
Ms. Green Hearing Teacher sgreen@schools.nyc.gov sgreen@is5q.org
Mrs. Martinez-Wiseman School Psychologist cmartin2@schools.nyc.gov cmartin20@is5q.org
Mrs. Maryles Occupational Therapy jmaryles@schools.nyc.gov jmaryles@is5q.org
Ms. Puiu Family Worker mpuiu@schools.nyc.gov mpuiu@is5q.org
Ms. Robinson Speech krobinson@schools.nyc.gov krobinson@is5q.org
Ms. Sladowsky Speech ssladowsky@schools.nyc.gov ssladowsky@is5q.org
Mrs. Vargas-Poggi Social Worker rvargas-poggi@schools.nyc.gov rvargas-poggi@is5q.org

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