“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Degas

Ms. Choi Art jchoi@schools.nyc.gov jchoi@is5q.org
Ms. Chryssides Drama mchryssides@schools.nyc.gov mchryssides@is5q.org
Mr. Cullivan Animation ecullivan@schools.nyc.gov ecullivan@is5q.org
Ms. Digraci Spanish pdigraci@schools.nyc.gov pdigraci@is5q.org
Ms. Jaccard Advisory/In-House KJaccar@schools.nyc.gov KJaccar@is5q.org
Mr. McDonagh Orchestra hmmcdonagh@schools.nyc.gov hmmcdonagh@is5q.org
Ms. Milazzo Art kmilazzo@schools.nyc.gov kmilazzo@is5q.org
Mrs. Motsios Art gmotsios@schools.nyc.gov gmotsios@is5q.org
Ms. Torres Spanish ctorres@schools.nyc.gov ctorres@is5q.org
Mrs. Toto Technology dtoto@schools.nyc.gov dtoto@is5q.org
Mrs. Waller Dance kwaller@schools.nyc.gov kwaller@is5q.org

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