Update On Instruction For Families

Dear Families, 

The educators and staff at your child’s school, and all of us at the DOE, continue to work around the clock to prepare for a safe and healthy return to school in September. An important part of our planning depends on you! Today I am writing with additional information and an important reminder as we head into September. 

All schools are currently preparing for a blended learning model. Blended learning means that students learn part of the time in-person in school buildings, and continue their learning remotely, from home, on the remaining weekdays. Any family can also choose all-remote learning this fall, for any reason. If all-remote learning is your preference, we ask to hear from you by filling out a short web form at schools.nyc.gov/returntoschool2020, or by calling 311, by this Friday, August 7. If you begin in blended learning, you can decide later to transition to all-remote, but to best support schools in their planning for reopening, we ask that those who have a preference for 100% remote notify us by this Friday, August 7. 

As you consider which learning model is best for your child, I want to restate our guiding principles that apply to every student’s education: All students will be learning five days a week, and teachers will continue to deliver high-quality instruction that is culturally responsive, rigorous and developmentally appropriate for all students, in all learning settings. 

We are sharing additional information below about both blended and all-remote instruction to empower you to make this choice. This builds on the information contained in the letter sent to families in late July comparing remote and blended learning, which you can find at schools.nyc.gov/messagesforfamilies

Types of Teaching and Learning Whether your child is participating in blended learning or learning 100 percent remotely, they will receive instruction by 1) interacting live with their teachers and 2) by independently completing assignments and projects throughout the school day and week. 

Teachers Students engaged in remote learning will, for the most part, be taught by teachers from their school community. While there may be limited exceptions on a school-by-school basis, parents can expect their children to be assigned teachers from their school community when they receive their children’s full schedules before the school year begins. 

Live Interaction Teachers will provide daily live instruction for our fully remote learners, as well as for those students participating in the blended learning model. Teachers will deliver live instruction in short intervals (15– 20 consecutive minutes) throughout the school day for our youngest learners and may increase in length based on the student’s developmental stage and grade level. We will share additional information on live instruction in the coming weeks. 

Posting Schedules Schools will post class schedules and schedules for live instruction for all students—those fully remote as well as those participating in blended learning—online. You will have access to these schedules in advance so you can plan your work and family commitments. Schools will also ensure students have sufficient time for high-quality interactions with their teachers and classmates. 

Direct Support Teachers will have dedicated time every school day to engage with students and families via video conference or telephone. We encourage you to take advantage of this time to get guidance and updates related to your child’s progress and learning. 

Lunch in the Classroom In-person student lunch will be instructional time in most instances, modeled on our Breakfast in the Classroom program. In elementary schools, for example, during lunch, students will take part in learning activities that are fun, engaging, and enriching, such as interactive read-alouds, social-emotional learning, and content through music. In middle and high schools, during lunch, students will engage with a specific content area. Schools will maintain all health and safety guidelines for in-person learning and for consuming food and drink during this time. 

Community Building All students will have routines that build community, center the day, and set them up for success. This will provide all students with community- and relationship-building experiences that are an integral part of a typical school community. For example, this may consist of a daily morning meeting where the teacher engages students in activities related to social-emotional wellness and community-building, or a daily closing activity where the teacher recaps the learning for

the day, and gets students prepared for the following day. Schools and teachers will share more about this as we approach the first day of school. 

Social-Emotional Support We know that current circumstances in the pandemic have been very difficult for you and your children. Students have been isolated from their teachers, classmates, and school communities. For this reason, we will allow time for teachers, school-based staff, and students to readjust to being in school buildings and to adapt to changes. In addition, we will integrate social-emotional activities and trauma-informed care into academic subjects to the greatest extent possible throughout the day. We will also prioritize mental health supports throughout the school year. 

Grading All students must meet the same academic requirements, whether they are engaged in fully remote or blended learning. The teacher overseeing your child’s classwork is responsible for designing or selecting assessments to measure student progress. These may include projects, exams administered within or outside the online platform, portfolios, and other measures of student mastery. 

There is no doubt that we have all learned a lot since March—both about the virus, and about our ability to keep learning going during this unprecedented time. That is why we won’t settle for anything but the most rigorous and engaging instructional experience for your child, in whatever learning model you choose. Your needs—along with those of your children and the staff who serve them—continue to be at the center of our back-to-school planning. 

We will send more information in the coming days and weeks. As always, we encourage you to check schools.nyc.gov/returntoschool2020 for the latest information on what the next year will bring. 

Thank you for being part of the DOE family. 


Richard A. Carranza Chancellor

New York City Department of Education 

Virtual Parent Meeting #3

The Walter H. Crowley School of Leadership at I.S. 5

Welcomes Parents and Guardians to an important virtual meeting about 

I.S. 5 Fall Re-Opening (Meeting # 3)

On Tuesday, August 11, 2020 

At 11:00 am and 6:00 pm

(Feel free to attend the time that works best for you)

Questions and comments from parents and families are welcome and encouraged. 

Please join us via Microsoft Teams LIVE Meetings at the links below:

IS 5 LIVE Meeting # 3 (AM) – 9:00am

IS 5 LIVE Meeting # 3 (PM) – 6:00pm

Directions to join:

-click on the link above

-watch on the web

-join anonymously

We look forward to working in partnership as a community for a successful 2020-2021 school year!

Da la bienvenida a los padres y tutores a una importante reunión virtual sobre

ES. 5 Reapertura de otoño
El martes 11 de agosto de 2020 A las 11:00 a.m. y a las 6:00 p.m.

Las preguntas y comentarios de padres y familias son bienvenidos y alentados.

Únase a nosotros a través de Microsoft Teams LIVE Meeting en el siguiente enlace:

IS 5 LIVE Meeting # 3 (AM) – 9:00am

IS 5 LIVE Meeting # 3 (PM) – 6:00pm

Instrucciones para unirse:

-Haga clic en el enlace de arriba

-ver en la web

-unirse anónimamente

¡Esperamos trabajar en asociación como comunidad para un exitoso año escolar 2020-2021!



I.S. 5秋天重新开放




请通过下面的链接通过Microsoft Teams LIVE Meeting加入我们:

IS 5 LIVE Meeting # 3 (AM) – 9:00am

IS 5 LIVE Meeting # 3 (PM) – 6:00pm







সম্পর্কে একটি গুরুত্বপূর্ণ ভার্চুয়াল বৈঠকে অভিভাবক এবং অভিভাবকদের স্বাগত জানায়

I.S. 5 পতন পুনরায় খোলার

মঙ্গলবার, 11 আগস্ট, 2020

সকাল 11:00 টা এবং সন্ধ্যা 6:00 টায়

আমরা ২০২০ সালের শর্টে এনওয়াইসি ডিওই স্কুল পুনরায় খোলার জন্য প্রস্তাবিত চ্যান্সেলর প্রস্তাবিত মডেলগুলি নিয়ে আলোচনাকে প্রাধান্য দেব parents পিতামাতা এবং পরিবারগুলির কাছ থেকে নেওয়া প্রশ্ন ও মন্তব্য স্বাগত এবং উত্সাহিত।

দয়া করে নীচের লিঙ্কে মাইক্রোসফ্ট টিমস লাইভ মিটিংয়ের মাধ্যমে আমাদের সাথে যোগ দিন:

IS 5 LIVE Meeting # 3 (AM) – 9:00am

IS 5 LIVE Meeting # 3 (PM) – 6:00pm

যোগদানের দিকনির্দেশ: উপরের লিঙ্কে ক্লিক করুন ওয়েবে দেখুন বেনামে যোগদান করুন

আমরা একটি সফল 2020-2021 স্কুল বছরের জন্য একটি সম্প্রদায় হিসাবে অংশীদারিত্বের সাথে কাজ করার প্রত্যাশায়!

Important Updates For I.S. 5 Reopening

Good Day, I.S. 5 Families.

At I.S. 5, we understand the importance of keeping our families as updated as possible about the upcoming school year in all of its changes, its guidelines and its vision for the safety and success of your child. We take great care each day to help your child be their very best selves through our mission of scholarship, expertise, innovation and leadership – and we hold close to our hearts the responsibility of fulfilling this promise on a daily basis most especially in challenging times when our students and families need us most. 

Our vision and promise since building closure has never wavered. In fact, we are renewed in our commitment to you and your child, and have been working to clarify, advocate and plan for a purposeful, powerful and meaningful experience this coming year in light of many remaining unknowns. We have held two parent and family meetings this summer – and will be hosting our next meeting on Tuesday, August 11, 2020 at two times for your convenience: 9:00 am and 6:00 pm. 

It is crucial that we communicate to you recent updates regarding the Re-Opening of NYC public schools that were released officially to schools this week. Chancellor Carranza recently shared information on safety, health and wellness in a letter published on August 3, 2020. Today, this letter includes information about the structure of the school day and the expectations set forth by central offices for all city schools. Please note the information below:

  • I.S. 5 school hours for students for both in-person and remote for the 2020-2021 school year will begin every day at 8:00 am and will end at 1:30 pm. (5.5 hours of school a day for all students).
  • Students will enter through assigned entrances, will maintain supervised social distancing at all times and will be screened as per NYC DOE guidelines every day. 
  • Staff and students will be required at ALL times to wear masks with the exception of eating breakfast and lunch in the classroom. If there is a mask medical exception for a student or staff member, we are waiting for the protocol to approve such a request. 
  • Breakfast will be “grab and go” upon entry at 8:00 am and will be eaten inside the classroom. 
  • Students will remain in the same room with the same cohort of students during in-person learning. Movement during the school day will be limited and supervised by staff to ensure continued social distancing and no congregating of student groups during the day. 
  • Students will receive instruction five days a week – both remotely and in person – or full time remotely if selected by the family. 
  • All students will experience both synchronous, or “live”, teaching as well as asynchronous teaching/learning throughout the week. The schedule for synchronous online learning for students must be posted on our website is5q.org and shared with families. 
  • Students who will participate in in-person learning will be assigned to a Group (Group A, B, or C) and will follow their assigned Group schedule, which will be provided to families prior to the start of school. The schedule for I.S. Groups will also be available on our school website is5q.org. 
  • When in-person learning occurs for assigned students, classrooms will consist of 9 students for general education and integrated co-teaching (ICT) classes and 5 students for self-contained special education classes. Each class will be expected to maintain social distancing at all times and will NOT be sharing school supplies. 
  • When in-person students are not inside the building for in-person learning, they will continue to learn remotely. 
  • Lunch will be “grab and go” and will be delivered to classrooms. According to the DOE, lunch will be scheduled to be eaten during instructional time inside the classroom to maximize student learning time. 
  • At this time, busing will be provided to students who qualify. We are waiting for further information about routes, number of buses and potential busing assignments. Bus drivers are mandated to wear PPE (personal protective equipment) and social distancing is to occur on the school bus. 
  • Friday, August 7, 2020 is the initial deadline for families to opt their child out of in-person learning for Fall 2020. If you wish to do so, please complete the following form or call 311: 


  • Students who opt into full remote learning will be allowed to opt back into in-school,   in-person learning on a quarterly basis. Families will be notified of the windows of time throughout the year if they wish to opt back in to in-person learning at I.S. 5.
  • Students who attend in-person learning in September can opt for fully remote learning at any time. The process to do this is forthcoming. 

At I.S. 5 in 2020-2021, we continue to be a uniform polo school. Students are to wear their community color polo shirt on their in-person days at our school. If parents wish that their child not wear a uniform polo, a form needs to be completed and submitted for review and approval. In addition, all students are to wear their I.S. 5 identification card and lanyard. All families will receive information on how to order an I.S. 5 polo and Grade 6 students/new admits will be issued an identification card in the first weeks of the school year. 

This letter serves to answer a number of questions that remained at the conclusion of our most recent parent meeting – and may surface new wonderings, concerns or worries. Please know that we continue to be here for you and welcome your voice and questions. Here is how you can reach out to us in our continued remote setting:

  • Supportis5@is5q.org is our special email address for questions, concerns and outreach to our school administration. 
  • Respond to the PupilPath email that contains this letter (it will come directly to me!)
  • Email KDobson@schools.nyc.gov This is my DOE email address. I am committed to responsive turn around time to our families! If your question needs to input of a fellow I.S. 5 cabinet member, I will connect you. 

As always, we appreciate your outreach and communication so that we can continue to serve the school community that we love. We look forward to our continued journey together and hope you can join us for our next parent meeting. We hope to “see” you there.

Be Well,

Mrs. Kelly Nepogoda

Principal, I.S. 5

Actualizaciones importantes para I.S. 5 Reapertura 2020-2021

5 de agosto de 2020

Buen día, I.S. 5 familias.

En I.S. 5, entendemos la importancia de mantener a nuestras familias lo más actualizadas posible sobre el próximo año escolar en todos sus cambios, sus pautas y su visión para la seguridad y el éxito de su hijo. Cuidamos mucho cada día para ayudar a su hijo a ser lo mejor posible a través de nuestra misión de erudición, experiencia, innovación y liderazgo, y mantenemos cerca de nuestros corazones la responsabilidad de cumplir esta promesa a diario, especialmente en tiempos difíciles cuando nuestros estudiantes y familias nos necesitan más.

Nuestra visión y promesa desde el cierre del edificio nunca ha flaqueado. De hecho, estamos renovados en nuestro compromiso con usted y su hijo, y hemos estado trabajando para aclarar, defender y planificar una experiencia útil, poderosa y significativa este próximo año a la luz de muchas incógnitas restantes. Hemos celebrado dos reuniones de padres y familiares este verano, y organizaremos nuestra próxima reunión el martes 11 de agosto de 2020 en dos ocasiones para su conveniencia: 9:00 a.m. y 6:00 p.m.

Es crucial que le comuniquemos actualizaciones recientes sobre la reapertura de las escuelas públicas de Nueva York que se lanzaron oficialmente a las escuelas esta semana. El canciller Carranza recientemente compartió información sobre seguridad, salud y bienestar en una carta publicada el 3 de agosto de 2020. Hoy, esta carta incluye información sobre la estructura del día escolar y las expectativas establecidas por las oficinas centrales de todas las escuelas de la ciudad. Tenga en cuenta la siguiente información:

-I.S. 5 horas escolares para estudiantes, tanto en persona como a distancia para el año escolar 2020-2021, comenzarán todos los días a las 8:00 a.m. y finalizarán a la 1:30 p.m. (5.5 horas de escuela al día para todos los estudiantes).

– Los estudiantes ingresarán a través de entradas asignadas, mantendrán distancia social supervisada en todo momento y serán evaluados según las pautas del DOE de Nueva York todos los días.

– Se requerirá que el personal y los estudiantes en TODO momento usen máscaras con la excepción de desayunar y almorzar en el aula. Si hay una excepción médica de máscara para un estudiante o miembro del personal, estamos esperando que el protocolo apruebe dicha solicitud.

– El desayuno será “agarrar y llevar” a la entrada a las 8:00 am y se comerá dentro del aula.

– Los estudiantes permanecerán en la misma habitación con la misma cohorte de estudiantes durante el aprendizaje en persona. El movimiento durante el día escolar será limitado y supervisado por el personal para garantizar el distanciamiento social continuo y la no congregación de grupos de estudiantes durante el día.

– Los estudiantes recibirán instrucción cinco días a la semana, tanto de forma remota como en persona, o a tiempo completo de forma remota si la familia lo selecciona.

– Todos los estudiantes experimentarán tanto la enseñanza sincrónica o “en vivo” como la enseñanza / aprendizaje asíncrono durante toda la semana. El horario para el aprendizaje en línea sincrónico para los estudiantes debe publicarse en nuestro sitio web is5q.org y compartirse con las familias.

– Los estudiantes que participarán en el aprendizaje en persona serán asignados a un Grupo (Grupo A, B o C) y seguirán su horario grupal asignado, que se proporcionará a las familias antes del comienzo de la escuela. El horario para I.S. Los grupos también estarán disponibles en el sitio web de nuestra escuela is5q.org.

– Cuando se produce un aprendizaje en persona para los alumnos asignados, las aulas constarán de 9 alumnos para clases de educación general y co-enseñanza integrada (ICT) y 5 alumnos para clases autónomas de educación especial. Se espera que cada clase mantenga el distanciamiento social en todo momento y NO compartirá los útiles escolares.

– Cuando los estudiantes en persona no están dentro del edificio para el aprendizaje en persona, continuarán aprendiendo de forma remota.

– El almuerzo será “listo para llevar” y será entregado a las aulas. Según el DOE, el almuerzo se programará para comer durante el tiempo de instrucción dentro del aula para maximizar el tiempo de aprendizaje de los estudiantes.

– En este momento, se proporcionará transporte a los estudiantes que califiquen. Estamos esperando más información sobre rutas, número de autobuses y posibles asignaciones de autobuses. Los conductores de autobuses deben usar PPE (equipo de protección personal) y el distanciamiento social debe ocurrir en el autobús escolar.

– El viernes 7 de agosto de 2020 es la fecha límite inicial para que las familias opten por que sus hijos no aprendan en persona para el otoño de 2020. Si desea hacerlo, complete el siguiente formulario o llame al 311:


– Los estudiantes que opten por el aprendizaje remoto total podrán optar por el aprendizaje en la escuela, en persona, trimestralmente. Se les notificará a las familias sobre el período de tiempo durante todo el año si desean optar nuevamente por el aprendizaje en persona en I.S. 5

– Los estudiantes que asisten al aprendizaje en persona en septiembre pueden optar por un aprendizaje totalmente remoto en cualquier momento. El proceso para hacer esto es inminente.

En I.S. 5 en 2020-2021, seguimos siendo una escuela de polo uniforme. Los estudiantes deben usar su polo de color comunitario en sus días en persona en nuestra escuela. Si los padres desean que su hijo no use un polo uniforme, se debe completar un formulario y enviarlo para su revisión y aprobación. Además, todos los estudiantes deben usar su I.S. 5 tarjeta de identificación y cordón. Todas las familias recibirán información sobre cómo solicitar un I.S. 5 estudiantes de polo y 6to grado / nuevos admitidos recibirán una tarjeta de identificación en las primeras semanas del año escolar.

Esta carta sirve para responder una serie de preguntas que quedaron al final de nuestra reunión de padres más reciente, y puede surgir nuevas maravillas, preocupaciones o preocupaciones. Tenga en cuenta que seguimos estando aquí para usted y agradecemos su voz y sus preguntas. Así es como puede comunicarse con nosotros en nuestra configuración remota continua:

– Supportis5@is5q.org es nuestra dirección de correo electrónico especial para preguntas, inquietudes y alcance a nuestra administración escolar.

– Responda el correo electrónico de PupilPath que contiene esta carta (¡vendrá directamente a mí!)

– Correo electrónico KDobson@schools.nyc.gov Esta es mi dirección de correo electrónico del DOE. ¡Estoy comprometido con el tiempo de respuesta receptivo para nuestras familias! Si su pregunta necesita entrada de un compañero I.S. 5 miembro del gabinete, te conectaré.

Como siempre, apreciamos su alcance y comunicación para que podamos continuar sirviendo a la comunidad escolar que amamos. Esperamos continuar nuestro viaje juntos y esperamos que pueda unirse a nosotros en nuestra próxima reunión de padres. Esperamos verte ahí.


Mrs. Kelly Nepogoda

Director, I.S. 5 5




在I.S. 5,我们了解在即将到来的学年的所有变化,指导方针以及对孩子的安全和成功的愿景中,尽可能使我们的家人保持最新的重要性。我们每天都非常谨慎,通过我们的奖学金,专业知识,创新和领导力使命,帮助您的孩子成为最好的自己–我们紧紧地承担着每天履行这一诺言的责任,尤其是在充满挑战的时代我们的学生和家庭最需要我们。



-I.S. 2020-2021学年,面对面和远程学习的学生将有5个学时,每天上午8:00开始,下午1:30结束。 (所有学生每天上学5.5个小时)。

-学生将通过指定的入口进入,将始终保持有监督的社交距离,并且每天都会按照NYC DOE指南进行筛查。






-参加亲自学习的学生将被分配到一个小组(A,B或C组),并按照他们分配的小组时间表进行安排,该时间表将在开学前提供给家庭。 I.S.的时间表团体也可以在我们学校的网站is5q.org上找到。







-选择完全远程学习的学生将被允许每季度选择重新参加学校内亲自学习。如果家人希望重新加入I.S. 5,


在I.S. 2020年至2021年,我们将继续成为一所统一的马球学校。在学校里,学生们要亲自上课时穿社区色的polo衫。如果父母希望孩子不穿统一的马球,则需要填写表格并提交以供审核。此外,所有学生都应穿着自己的I.S. 5身份证和挂绳。所有家庭都会收到有关如何订购I.S.的信息。在学年的第一周,将向5名马球和6年级学生/新招生者发放身份证。




-电子邮件KDobson@schools.nyc.gov这是我的DOE电子邮件地址。我致力于为我们的家人提供及时的周转时间!如果您的问题需要输入其他I.S. 5位内阁成员,我将与您联系。





Return To School 2020

Dear Families,

I hope you are safe and healthy, and finding some rest and relaxation this summer. As we are approaching the start of the 2020-21 school year, I want to share some important new information with you about health and safety protocols in your child’s school—and every school—for the upcoming year.

All schools are preparing for blended learning, during which students learn in-person in school buildings for part of the week, and continue learning remotely from home on the other days. However, any family can choose 100% remote learning for any reason. If your preference is 100% remote learning, we ask that you let us know by this Friday, August 7, so that schools have enough time to plan.

Please visit schools.nyc.gov/returntoschool2020 to fill out a short web form, or call 311.

In this letter you will find:

 Criteria to Open Schools and Keep them Open
 What Happens if Someone Gets Sick: New Information on COVID-19 Testing and Tracing in
 Overall Health and Safety Protocols for Every School

Criteria to Open Schools and Keep them Open

While we continue to carefully monitor a constantly changing health landscape, one thing remains steadfast: our commitment to the health and safety of our students, teachers, and staff. This priority is the foundation of all of our policy moving into September.

On July 31, the Mayor and I announced that for school buildings to open in September and remain open, on a weekly average the city must see fewer than 3% of all COVID-19 tests come back positive. Additionally, if 3% or more of New Yorkers who are tested for COVID-19 are found to have the virus after we open, school buildings will close again, and 100% of learning will be remote for every student.

Since June, we’ve hovered around 1-2%, and are working closely with the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (NYC Health), NYC Test + Trace, and the Mayor’s Office to prepare for a coordinated school reopening. If staff and students aren’t healthy, they can’t teach and learn, and we are doing all we can to ensure that schools remain safe and healthy for learning.

What Happens if Someone Gets Sick: New Information on COVID-19 Testing and Tracing in Schools
In close collaboration with our expert colleagues at NYC Health, we have developed strict protocols that address prevention, precaution, and response to one or more of our students or employees having a confirmed case of COVID-19. It’s important to know that a “confirmed case” means that a parent or guardian, student, or staff member submits a positive test result from a healthcare provider or laboratory—like a City-run testing site, a private doctor, or an urgent care center—to the school.

Our protocols to keep school communities healthy include:

 Prevention: Starting with the first day of the 2020-21 school year, if a student or staff member is feeling sick, they are required to stay home. Additionally, if their symptoms are consistent with COVID-19, they will be asked to get tested.
 Feeling Sick in School: If a student begins experiencing symptoms in school, they will be isolated and monitored by a school staff member until they are picked up by their parent or guardian. Staff members who become symptomatic at school must notify administration and immediately leave the building.
 Testing: All school staff members are asked to get tested for COVID-19 in the days leading up to the
beginning of school, and will be prioritized for expedited results at the 34 City-run testing sites. All school staff are also asked to get tested monthly during the school year. This free testing is also available for families citywide.
 Tracing: In the event of a confirmed COVID-19 case in a school, NYC Test + Trace and NYC Health
will investigate to determine close contacts within the school. All students and teachers in the classroom with the confirmed case are assumed close contacts and will be instructed to self-quarantine for 14 days since their last exposure to that case. In older grades where students may travel between classes, this applies to all classes that the confirmed case was in.
If there’s more than one case in a school, and it’s not in the same classroom, learning will continue remotely and the school building will close for at least 24 hours while NYC Test + Trace and NYC Health investigate. Depending on the outcome of the investigation, affected classrooms or the whole building will remain closed for 14 days for quarantine. Students will continue their learning remotely during any necessary quarantine periods.
 Communication: Whether symptoms begin at home or in school, there will be a clear flow of information to facilitate fast action and prevent spread. If a COVID-19 case is confirmed, schools will communicate to all families and students at school.

Overall Health and Safety Protocols for Every School
Testing and tracing are part of several strict health protocols designed to keep our school communities healthy.
Here are the key things that you and your family should know about NYC Department of Education (DOE) health and safety practices, policies, and protocols as we re-open our school buildings in September:
 At all times, students and staff must wear face coverings protecting their nose and mouth while at school or on their way to school. Exceptions will be made for children who can’t wear a face covering for medical reasons, and for younger children who aren’t developmentally able to wear a face covering.
 Students and staff must maintain six feet of physical distancing throughout the school day, anywhere on school grounds and to and from school.
 Schools will be cleaned throughout the day and disinfected each night, with special attention to high-touch areas.
 Face coverings, hand sanitizer, and cleaning supplies will be readily available in throughout every school.
 Every school will have a school-based team ready to respond in the event that there is a health concern in a school.
 Every school will have a designated isolation room for use in the event that a student becomes ill during the school day.
For more details on these and other policies, please visit schools.nyc.gov/returntoschool2020 and click “Health and Safety” for additional information and all the latest updates.
We are approaching reopening by centering health and safety and basing our policies on the expertise of health professionals—period.

I’ve been a public school parent, teacher, and principal, and I know what it feels like to want the best possible education for your child while ensuring the health and safety of your entire family. We have collectively learned a lot since March—both about the virus, and about our ability to react and respond to it in real time.

That’s why we won’t settle for anything but the strictest and most rigorous processes for coming back to school. We will send more information in the coming days and weeks. As always—thank you for being part of the DOE family.

Richard A. Carranza
New York City Department of Education