The Walter H. Crowley School of Leadership

At I.S. 5

Kelly Nepogoda, Principal

Recommended Supply List for 2021-2022

The I.S. 5 school community understands the unique school environment of the coming school year for our students. We are also committed to being responsive to the needs of our families in such a difficult time and know that this list is to be recommended so as not to add further financial burden to our families. The recommended supply list will be revisited again in January 2022 if there is a need by families to replenish items or if there are any changes to our learning environment. If you have questions, concerns or needs for assistance in providing the supplies below for your child, please do not hesitate to email us at


Recommended September Supply List – Will Be Revisited in January 2022 As Needed

**All students are to bring the following supplies to school on every day **:

Two- 2 pocket folder with three binder holes

5 Subject Notebook

Loose-leaf Paper (150 sheets)

One supply case/pencil case with the following:

12 pencils

12 pens

12 colored pencils

2 yellow highlighters

1 pair of student scissors

Zip drive (as potential back up of online work/items)

Pocket tissues (paper strongly recommended)

Mask (required every day and must be worn throughout the day)

Assigned laptop/device ** (devices that were provided by NYCDOE)

*****Teachers may assign other materials as needed*****

**Students will NOT share supplies this year. Lockers will NOT be used this school year.**