Good Day, I.S. 5 Families.

On behalf of the I.S. 5 Medical Room and the expectations set forth by The New York City Department of Mental Health and Hygiene, we are sending the updated Medical Accommodation Form/Medical Administration Form (MAF) for the 2020-2021 school year for the following medical scenarios:

– Diabetes

– Asthma

– Allergies

– General Medication Form

It is important to note that forms from prior years will not be honored, and new complete forms must be prepared to be submitted to the medical office to ensure that your child receives the proper support. Receiving these forms allows for families to get the updated medical information completed in the hopes of submitting to the I.S. 5 Medical Room should we return to the school building in Fall 2020. 

If you have any questions, please contact, reach out to Nurse Anaya at or reach out to the IS 5 administration so that we can support you in any way. 

Be Well & Stay Safe,

Mrs. Nepogoda

Principal, I.S. 5

Allergy Form

Diabetes Medication Administration Form

Asthma Medication Administration Form

General Medication Administration Form