Spirit Week


Hello I.S. 5 Community,

It is time for the much anticipated SPIRIT WEEK!!!! This year our Student

Government voted for each theme presented. We are asking homeroom teachers to

please inform their students of the dates and theme. We would also like for you to

record the number of students in your homeroom participating during each day.

All students AND staff are HIGHLY encouraged to participate. We look

forward to seeing how you show school spirit.

Feb. 13 th – Pajama Day – Wear appropriate pajama’s to school (no slippers, shorts,

sleeveless tops, or tanks)

Feb. 14 th – Red/Pink Day – In honor of Valentine’s Day wear red or pink.

Feb. 15 th – Cultural Day – Wear something to represent your culture/heritage.

Feb. 16 th – Mismatch Day – Be creative and mismatch your socks, shoes, clothes.

Feb. 17 th – Fandom Day- Display your favorite book character, sports team,